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I want to questioned why our DIRECTORS uses WINE in our Play???

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[b][u]I want to questioned why our DIRECTORS uses WINE in our Play

I am much regretted and dis-appoint to saw and want to ask a simple question why our DIRECTORS or Producers uses wine in Urdu play to proof that we are not behind with WEST OR USA OR INDIA.

The use of wine is widely condemn in Islam and very high level of sin but never understand what a purpose to see drinking of WINE in play which you want to promote that celebrity can drink wine than why not you? I think use of wine is mother of all sin’s.

Those who drink wine in plays than he drinks wine in his normal lifes or just acting? Become a modern Pakistani and do not follow the Islam teaching which is perhaps too old to follow.

I strong demand from the Religious and Home Minister to stop the uses of WINE in our Urdu play which creates the negative image against as we are Muslims and never think to use wine which is a greatest sin. Than who allow to use wine and consider it as HALAL he should goes to HELL in a non-stop FLIGHT and face the God punishment, that time no excuse or mercy will be consider or granted.

Proof that you are real and honest Muslim followers than stop the uses of wine otherwise you are Muslims by names without any religions.

Yours faithfully

( Sherry )

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