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Hollywood Movies Section Rules

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1 Hollywood Movies Section Rules on Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:30 pm


This section is to discuss Hollywood Movies. You can tell us movie stories, cast, photos and other information about Hollywood Movies. You can even share very small trailers uploaded on other sites like utube.

You can share your experiences / reviews about Hollywood movies. Please dont share illegal copy of movies. Illegal copies will be deleted when found or brought in to notice.

Please take care of all the rules. If any post found infringing the copyrights will be removed. Please write me along with URL, so that we can remove any illegal link / post immediately.

• When creating a new thread about downloading a movie, information will be required along with your link(s). You should provide enough information regarding movie including descriptive and images.

• Always take care of copyrights. In that case only movie trailers, pictures, story, actors etc, should be shared.

• Post with only links are not accepted at all, even if these links are with in code but no proper description is provided. It will be be removed.

• Absolutely NO live links. ALL links must be either un-clickable or coded. This is a security issue we do NOT need to be looking at.

• Dont do more than 10 new posts in a single day this section, specially if you are providing links of movies to download. Otherwise it looks spam and may lead to ban.


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