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1 MERIT VS OPEN AUCTION OF JOBZ on Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:30 pm


Whenever jobs are advertised in government sector people run after ministers, CMs, PM and even president who mostly prefer to favour incompetent, ineligible, clapping and dancing types party workers, ignoring merit and even proper people of their own parties.

Tests and interviews have become a formality and lists of selectees come from the offices of ruling parties and their allies.

Bogus degree holders are in power and have totally nullified cases against them, supporting one's like them and even showing eyes to courts freely.

Degrees and merit certificates have become useless pieces of papers

Whatever is left by corrupt politicians is grabbed by corrupt officers who sell jobs and make lot of HARAM to feed their kids with this LANAT.

Promotion is on political loyalty rather than on merit and seniority as was the case with the famous BPS 21 to BPS 22 promotions by PM. Even secretary level jobs at federal and provincial level are insecure, political and considered as party slaves and bound to obey the ruling party wishes than constitution.

In such a situation why not to advertise jobs on an open auction basis and allow the politicians to loote the poor and needy with both hands and feet just as they are doing in energy, LPG and other sectors. The money earned can be utilized for the benefit the ruling party in next elections or for the education and living of the leaders of the rulers. After all everybody will have a chance to bid and latter will have an opportunity to weep and cry freely if unsuccessful rather than being humiliated in offices in the name of merit. May be many will burn their useless degrees and start some tomato or sabzi-selling jobs thus adding to national economy rather than running after ministers and safarish and wasting their times. Time has shown that whatever the value of merit in developed countries may be it is useless in Pakistan at least.

Until and unless merit rules this system, happiness and prosperity will remain a distant goal.

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